Sunday, August 21, 2016

Progress on the bathroom!

Ahh, the bathroom. This was the one room where I was hoping I could just slap some paint on and call it a day.

Nope. BIG nope. The building was previously used as an auto glass repair shop office (the company still occupies half of the building in the back). The bathroom was... well in need of repair.

Now let's be honest here, it was functional. I could have totally made do with it, but it's NOT what I wanted to use for at least the next year, and it's not what I would expect customers of a boutique to want. The decision to redo it was sealed when I accidentally knocked a gallon of paint into the sink...

FatherMoonPads graciously offered to spend his day off installing a new toilet and sink for me. 3 cheers for FatherMoonPads!!

I started off with this:

Not terrible, right? I hate the exposed pipes, and the sink had lost its enamel coating, and the faucet barely worked. Not shown is the strangely blueish purple toilet that had also seen better days. Still, rather picky things when you're doing the thriftiest boutique remodel ever (I have $500 total budgeted, this totally put me over, but it was SO worth it!).

Here is where it is at so far: 

New pedastal sink, new faucet, new mirror, new toilet, and new flooring (and the best part is that the flooring was FREE, because I had it left over from redoing my camper flooring!!). It is still in need of floor molding, a box to cover the pipes, a little more paint, and some artwork on the walls. While I hadn't intended on doing this, I am very pleased and consider this money very well spent.

MotherMoon & Me, LLC is a brand new boutique opening up September 15th at 7 Sanilac Rd, Sandusky, MI 48471. 

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